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Industry Updates

Coming & going: Gedeon, Heffron
Zeina Gedeon is joining Travel Professionals International (TPI). The high profile former Air Canada and TravelBrands exec (and TPI corporate...
Israel tourism marks 'historic turning point'
With a record 3.6 million arrivals in 2017, Israel has reached a “historic turning point” in its tourism fortunes, according...
Hawaii offers reassurance after missile fiasco
In the wake of Saturday’s inbound missile false alarm, the head of the Hawaiian Tourism Authority is reassuring planned and...
Mike's What Now: Bermuda inspires Canada to 'think pink'
For too long the Canadian trade has become accustomed to foreign tourist boards in this country downsizing or pulling out...
Incentives galore from G Adventures
G Adventures’ signature agent incentive program is now in full swing. Dubbed G-Normous, the program (now its in fifth year)...
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