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Product Education

Why clients will thank you for booking them on non-stop flights
Air Canada continues to add new non-stop routes to its offering; how can this help you & your clients?
How to sell more U.S. travel
Tying your marketing efforts in with Discover America’s theme of ‘Discover This Land Like Never Before’ is a smart move...
The how & why of selling travel insurance
Karen Cullen, director of sales for Allianz Global Assistance, explains why travel insurance is a must-have for even the healthiest...
Five reasons to send adventure clients to Dominica
Looking for an "off-the-beaten-path" Caribbean getaway for your clients? Here's one to consider.
10 great beach destinations in Africa
1. Lamu Island, Kenya With its endless tropical beaches, tiny villages nestled among mango plantations and quaint medieval old town, Lamu...
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