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What to consider when presenting & positioning product
You’ve gone through the process of questioning and qualifying your...
The necessity of a website for your travel practice
Your website is a marketing vehicle, not a sales engine.
How Porter Escapes brings your clients added value
Offering a simple and streamlined approach to packaged vacations, Porter Escapes was introduced at the end of 2012, a natural...

Industry Updates

WestJet evolution continues, ULCC planned
Canada is set to gain a major ultra-low cost-competitor (ULCC) later this...
Five TAP takeaways on Toronto service
TAP Portugal is returning to Canadian skies after a two-decade absence with...
St. Petersburg's dark days
Another week and our hearts go out again to victims and residents...
London bridge is not falling down
My favourite spot in London is just over Westminster Bridge on the...
I want to be like Percy, or, how I became a travel writer
If I had a dollar for every time I've been asked, "How...

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